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Interactive Installation

We think of our identity as something that is a unified whole. We're expected, within the society and the capitalist framework, to project this unified identity. However, our claim is that this idea of unified identity is false. We constantly find ourselves in the middle of anxiety as we try to buy commodities and invest ourselves into jobs that we don't like to fill this void of identity. We must accept that our identity is never going to be one thing. We were great many shoes and it's fine to not conform to any label.


As a way of representing this idea of elusive unified identity, we create a mirror. This mirror will keep fragmenting the reflection of the person interacting with the installation as they keep getting closer to the surface. All this while the music makes the viewer uncomfortable as the get closer to the screen. 

Visuals - Mayukh Goswami

Sound Design - Mateo Hernandez

Coding - Mateo Hernandez, Mayukh Goswami

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