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Land Of Mirrors

Live Performance


Through this performance we will explore the continuous struggle that forms the nucleus of our psyche. Using our interpretation of Jacques Lacan’s “Register Theory” as the basis of this performance, we want to show a person growing – from the Mirror phase to the confrontation of the ego with the Real. The performance involves the exploration of three concepts: the Imaginary, the Symbolic and the Real. Imaginary sphere includes our individual consciousness and self awareness. It is the idea of us that we carry in our conscious and subconscious minds. The Symbolic space is what we interpret things that exist outside of us. That includes our idea of others, the society, the system in which we exist and what we think our space is in this outside system. The Real is something that exists completely outside our Imaginary and Symbolic space. It’s everything that we are not aware of that still plays a hidden part in our lives.



This performance will translate a very abstract, philosophical idea into movement and digital output. The dancer, as the driving analog element, disrupts the digital landscape, which represents the psyche of the dancer itself. The performance will be divided in three main sections, with a narrative arc resembling this shape ╲╱. The first part will be the “Departure”, the phase where the individual forms an ego. It will involve interaction between the dancer and a live projection of pre-rendered visuals that WILL correspond to the dancer’s movements. The second part, the “Initiation”, will involve projection mapping on physical artifacts which will in turn reflect light onto the dancer through an acrylic mirror. Finally, the “Return” will be a dramatic grand finale in which the audience will become part of the performance through a live live camera and prompt to take part of the performance through the performance program in their hands.


Stage Design - Angela Wang, Mateo Hernandez, Sara Camnasio
Visuals - Mayukh Goswami, Mateo Hernandez
Sound Design - Mateo Hernandez
Choreography - Angela Wang, Sara Camnasio

Land Of Mirrors
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