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Underneath Reality


Jan 23 - Jan 30


  • Research about circular economy 

  • Make more dramatic the alarm part of the prototype

  • Research about sustainability 

  • Aesthetics instead of price (culture)

  • What is a good use of VR technology?

  • Watched: Saving capitalism and Dirty money

Advisor: currently looking for an advisor

The final demo will be done by end of February 

The final paper will be done by the end of March

Jan 30 - Feb 6

This week I download and edit some videos for the VR film about advertisement and the bad use of technology in our society.


Advisor: Justin Hendrix


First meeting (30 minutes)

Advisor Notes:  


Books to read

  • The Marvelous Clouds - John Durham Peters

  • Writing on the Wall: Social Media - The First 2,000 Years - Tom Standage

  • The Victorian internet - Tom Standage


Ideas for the VR film

  • Different paths in VR (good and bad) (empathy machine)

  • Direct brain computer interfaces. What is beyond VR?

  • More historical content, make them think of something they haven’t seen before.



Feb 6 - Feb 13

I did another iteration of the prototype. This time the VR experience is more artistic and surreal. The following video shows some part of this new idea. 

prototype 2

prototype 2

Watch Now

Draft Outline


  • The human condition and technology

  • Philosophical Foundation

  • Technology and Power

  • Alienation 

  • Virtual Reality (VR) 

  • Solution 


Methodology (Arts-Based / Artistic Research)

Project description

Findings and discussion


Future Plans


Feb 13 - Feb 20

Accountability partner meeting notes:

  • Change some of the ads videos. Only use the bad and annoying ads. This will make it more chaotic.

  • Add more videos to the walls. make it claustrophobic.


Prototype: This week is I did most of the coding part relating to the interactions that you can do at the experience. 

Prototype 2.1: 

Improve landscape (grass, foliage, and lake)

Added collisions between objects

Added switch to open the door


Prototype 2.2:

Added video texture with sound  to objects

Edited lightning in the level

Prototype 2.3:

Interactive door (with sound)

Added ambient sound to the forest